Applicable Grounded Innovations (AGI)

We Produce IT & AI Innovations

Applicable Grounded Innovations

Through our multiple brands and services, we stay at the forefront of IT and AI related innovations. 

Turing's Solutions

Your AI & IT Consulting Solution.

Llama Wranglers

Your AI Model Building & Fine Tuning Solution.

Corporate iron dome

Your Corporate Security Solution.

Artificial consumers

Surveys, Focus Groups and Other Synthetic Data.

Our products


Open Character AI



Top of Funnel Marketer's Toolkit

Everything you need to use AI to get Leads into your funnel in one convenient resource!

Google Chrome Extensions

We have several extensions currently free on the Google Extension Store. 


Our partner in the marketing AI and technology space. Handles all modalities.

Marketing Co-Pilot

We can go full VOLTRON when it comes to supporting your marketing ventures. Simply let us know your needs!